Ingredients of Gingko tablets 40mg

            Supplements have been in the market for decades. The popularity of supplements seems to not fade even though it has been around for a very long time. People take supplements for various reasons. Some people take it because they are worried about their health and some probably think their daily meal is not able to provide enough nutrients needed by the body. Whatever the reasons are, supplements are here to stay. In this article, we will be talking more about Ginkgo tablets as ginkgo is famous for being one of the leading ingredients used as a supplement.

            Ginkgo or ginkgo biloba is an ingredient that existed for thousands of years. It originated from China and is often described as a fan-shaped leaf coming from a large tree. It is said that ginkgo biloba trees are one of the oldest tree species to ever grow on this earth. Ancient traditional medicine such as in Chinese and Ayurvedic has made full use of this plant as it contains many health benefits and medicinal properties. Ginkgo biloba continues to be a great ingredient to be used in the medicine field as it is still being researched on. In fact, ginkgo is being used as a treatment and prevention for cardiovascular disease in some hospitals in China.

       A 40 mg of ginkgo tablet contains activated ginkgo biloba extract from Japan which is equivalent to 2000 mg of ginkgo leaves. The leaves used for this tablet belong to the young Japanese ginkgo leaves. Rest assured that a tablet contains 24% of ginkgo flavonglycosides and 6% terpene lactones. These numbers are as according to the standard being used in clinical trials which has been proven to have health benefits. This ensures that a person taking this tablet gets the optimal quality and strength of what a ginkgo could offer. A tablet is rich in ginkgolide B, the most important part of the terpene lactone. Terpene lactone is a substance that possesses properties that are able to increase blood flow which help to regulate the blood circulation system.

       The tablet contains less than 1 ppm of ginkgolic acid. Ginkgolic acid is a toxic compound with allergic and genotoxic effects that is harmful for the human body. Preparation of ginkgo as ingredients for supplements has been restricted to 5 ppm or less to avoid such effects especially the allergic reactions that could arise. This number is used as a worldwide standard. Hence, it is safe to say the tablet is safe as it is made according to the standard being set for a safe supplement. In fact, it is free from pesticides, fungicides, colouring, yeast, preservatives and sugar. This ensures that a person is able to fully reap the benefits of the ginkgo biloba.

       Now that you know what a ginkgo tablet is made of and how safe it is, you should incorporate this supplement as it can provide many health benefits that will surely enable you to have a healthy life and to age gracefully. Among the benefits are:

1-    Helps to enhance the brain function by improving the cognitive grain function.

2-    Helps to prevent a person from cardiovascular problems through promotion of blood flow to the heart and to improve the blood vessel function.

3-    Helps to prevent damages to the eyes such as with glaucoma and promote better visual or eyesight.

4-    Reduce vertigo episodes and its intensity by shortening the duration of an episode.

5-    Improve a person’s mood and to help a person with an existing mental disorder to have fewer depressive symptoms.

6-    People with vitiligo can take ginkgo to help halt the progression of depigmentation of the skin.

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