When is a Tooth Extraction Necessary in North Ogden, UT?

A dentist who specializes in Cosmetic dentistry in North Ogden, UT, has a lot of options to treat your teeth and give you a smile makeover. These options include bonding, sealants, and fillings. However, tooth extraction may also be necessary in certain cases. If your dentist thinks you need an extraction, you need to know why. The following are the reasons a tooth extraction may be necessary:

You Want to Get Dental Braces

When you get dental braces, your teeth need to be examined to assess their ability to respond to the treatment. Sometimes, your dentist can fit braces without other procedures. But in some cases, you may need a tooth extraction to guarantee optimal results from your braces. It may be essential to pull out some teeth because you have too many of them for your mouth or jaw size. Or your dentist may need to pull out an impacted tooth that can harm your abutting teeth’s health. 

You Have a Heavy Infection

A heavily infected tooth that does not respond to a root canal treatment may necessitate extraction. This tooth may already have damage to where the blood vessels and nerves are contained. This condition can result in an infection that can spread to other parts of your body. 

You Suffer from a Serious Gum Disease

Standard periodontal procedures cannot effectively address serious gum disease. In this case, tooth extraction may be recommended. This disease can result in jawbone loss, which means your tooth will no longer have support. In this situation, your tooth may still be in place because of abutting teeth. 

When appropriate, tooth extraction can boost the effectiveness of orthodontic treatment. Also, it can prevent decay from occurring in your remaining teeth. It can prevent the spread of oral infections to other body parts. Following a tooth extraction, your dentist can provide different reparative treatment options like dental bridges and dental implants. 

What Happens During a Tooth Extraction

Often, tooth extraction is a straightforward procedure that does not require the administration of general anesthesia. You can get local anesthesia to relieve pain and discomfort. After extraction, you can experience temporary bleeding. 

Once the socket has healed, a visit to your dentist is necessary, so you can get a dental implant, which replaces the extracted tooth. The implant will look and function like the rest of your teeth. When you get an implant, you don’t have to hide your smile.

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