Risks Associated With Exposure To Asbestos

Asbestos is usually used at construction sites due to its strength and chemical-resistant property. Asbestos is compiled of six natural mineral fibres. It is not harmful unless it gets mixed with the air; but when that happens, the fires break down; it becomes airborne, and can be very harmful when inhaled. 

There are several health risks associated with exposure to asbestos. This is why one should be careful when dealing with asbestos. Even removing of asbestos should be done meticulously. Multisinistres decontamination has experts who can help you get rid of asbestos while maintaining safety for themselves and you. 

Here are a few risks associated with exposure to asbestos fibres-

A] Cancer: Asbestos has been identified as a carcinogen; a substance that can cause cancer. It is known to be mainly a cause of lung cancer but now it is also recognized as a cause of throat, ovary, and stomach cancer.  If one is exposed to asbestos often and is also an active or passive smoker, his chances for lung cancer rise. Asbestos can become a cause for mesothelioma- a cancer of chest and stomach lining, cancer in gastrointestinal tract, or throat etc. Signs of Mesothelioma may not appear instantly and may take 30-40 years to show up after exposure. 

B] Asbestosis: Since inhalation is the main way of being exposed to asbestos, lungs are the major organ that is affected. In Asbestosis, the lungs get scarred, which makes it difficult for transmission of oxygen and carbon dioxide, which causes difficulty in breathing. It is usually found in people who have prolonged exposure to asbestos. 

C] Pleural disease: As the name suggests, this disease is caused in the pleura; membrane surrounding the chest and lung cavity.  The pleura either thicken or fluid gets accumulated. This doesn’t cause difficulty in breathing but can hamper the functioning of lungs. 

These are a few issues one may fall prey to, when exposed to asbestos. The effects also rely on factors like- content of asbestos in air, duration of exposure, conditions a person already suffers from, smoking etc. People who are being exposed to asbestos and are aware of it, are recommended to visit medical professionals regularly, quit smoking, take vaccinations prescribed to them, and avoid exposure as far as possible. 

Cleaning asbestos cannot be done by oneself due to high risks associated; therefore, hiring specialists is always a good idea. 

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