Why do Home Growers Prefer Feminized Seeds for Growing Cannabis?

If a cannabis flower is fertilized by pollen from a male pollen sac, the flower will not grow any bigger, and most of it will turn into seeds. These flowers are unusable and cannot be turned into cannabis products. The best way to get female cannabis plants is by using feminized seeds. 

There are several reasons why home growers love to use feminized seeds. Some of the best reasons for using feminized seeds are listed here. 

  1. High yields

If cannabis flowers are exposed to male pollen, they will not grow in size. They will also not produce enough trichomes and will start producing seeds instead. This is not ideal for any home grower. By using feminized seeds, you can ensure that there is no male pollen and that each flower will grow to its full potential. 

Thus, when using feminized seeds, you can get high yields from every plant. 

  1. No risk of pollens 

Even if only one plant produces male pollens, it can contaminate multiple female flowers and ruin your whole batch. Therefore, home growers always use feminized seeds to ensure that there is not even one male plant. 

There is no more than a 1% chance of getting a hermaphrodite plant when you Buy Feminized Seeds Online. So, you can be sure that your yield will not be affected.

  1. Readily available 

One of the main advantages of using feminized seeds is that they are readily available everywhere. You can easily buy feminized seeds online at a reasonable price from different seed banks. You can find a feminized version for most cannabis strains, including the most famous ones such as Purple Haze, Gorilla Glue, and OG Kush. 

You can also find a feminized version of autoflowering seeds. So, even if you decide to use autoflowering seeds, you don’t have to worry about any unwanted pollination.

  1. Can produce more feminized seeds 

While it is quite easy to buy feminized seeds online, many home growers like to produce their own feminized seeds at home. The best way to make feminized seeds at home is from a feminized plant. 

You can make feminized seeds at home using several methods. The most effective method is to use colloidal silver spray. This method changes the hormonal balance in a cannabis plant and forces a female plant to produce pollen. The resulting seeds are completely feminized. 

To conclude 

If you want to grow big cannabis flowers with lots of trichomes, it’s always best to buy feminized seeds online. Using feminized seeds can eliminate the risk of hermaphrodite plants and ensure big beautiful colas every time. 

If you want to buy feminized seeds online, you can go to Weed Seeds USA today and get started.

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