Three Reasons Tooth Loss is Common in Dexter 

Losing a tooth is a common problem. While a lot of people are embarrassed about their smile after losing a tooth, they may not realize the real problem. With age, tooth loss becomes more common; the older a person gets, the more teeth they will lose. No matter the stage in your life when you lose a tooth, you should go to a dental clinic in Dexter for a replacement. Allowing gaps between teeth to be empty for a long time can use other oral health issues. The adjacent teeth will shift, causing misalignment, and you may suffer from gum disease. Tooth loss is common due to the following causes:

Tooth Decay

Tooth loss results from poor oral hygiene habits. Also, tooth loss and tooth decay also occur because of aging. Your teeth and gums are important in your well-being, and as you get older, they experience diminishing functionality, increasing your risk of developing oral health problems. However, this does not mean all people lose their teeth when they get older.

Oral Hygiene

Brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes and flossing them at least once a day are good practices. They help prevent tooth decay, bad breath, and infection that may result in both oral and systematic health problems. However, you should also give as much attention to your gums because they are exposed to the majority of mouth bacteria. When your gums cannot hold off these bacteria, they can become infected and such infection may spread to your teeth’s other supporting structures.  


Whatever you put into your mouth will influence your oral health. If you consume a lot of sugary items every day, your teeth have an increased risk of cavities and decay, especially if don’t take your oral hygiene seriously. Over time, processed foods, especially sugary and starchy ones, will wear your teeth and gums down. Besides, as with other parts of your body, your mouth can benefit from the nutrition you get from the foods and beverages you consume. 

Your teeth and gums are always exposed to bacteria and food particles that can damage their supporting structures and result in tooth loss. Now that you know how common tooth loss is, there should be no reason not to seek treatment. Your dentist may recommend dental implants for you or other solutions depending on your specific condition. Dental implants let you gain back the look and functionality of the natural teeth you have lost. 

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